Benefits of SOL 442 in Biscuits and Breads

30 March 17

SOL 442 is an excellent combination of E 471 & E 472e, designed to give excellent results in biscuits and breads.

    • Enhanced emulsification activity and a more homogenous distribution of fat or shortening
    • Increased volume stabilization in yeast raised baked goods made from wheat.
    • Improvement in consistency, viscosity, texture and taste of baked goods.
    • Stabilization of a soft crumb
    • Tolerance towards raw material quality, mechanical resistance, sticking to mechanical equipment.
    • Volume increase of baked goods.
    • Highly effective on staling effects – change in color & aroma, increase in firmness, darkening, increased crystallization of starch, decreased absorption capacity.
    • Simplification of the dough
    • Reduction of baking fat
    • Increase in dough fermentation tolerance
    • Improved dough rheology
    • Reduction of water loss during baking
    • Improvement in consistency of shape and form of baked goods
    • Improvement in chewing and taste properties
    • Highly effective in increasing the shelf life of Cookies


  • Upto 15 % of the fat can be reduced with the use of SOL 442- Marie biscuits


  • Short dough biscuits – A denser dough is obtained when emulsifiers are used and with the reduction of fat such biscuits get harder. SOL 442 reduces this effect and offers a better structure.
  • Complete replacement of Distilled Monoglycerides
  • Inventory Reduction


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