It is acetic acid esters of mono and di glycerides made from fully hardened palm oil.

Color: White to Off White

Degree of Acetylation: 0.7

State: Flakes

Acid Value: Max. 4 mgKoh/g

Iodine Value: Max. 2

Saponification Value: 300-350 mgKoh/g

Iodine Value: 2 max

Melting Point: 35 to 40 ° C

Arsenic: Less than 3mg/kg
Lead: Less than 1mg/kg
Mercury: Less than 1mg/kg
Cadmium: Less than 1mg/kg
Heavy Metals: Max. 10mg/kg

Chewing gum base, coated foods, cake batter and others.

To be stored in cool temp. below 20⁰ C. Best before 2 year from the date of

15 kg/20 kg Corrugated Box