SOL Sorbitan monooleate is produced by the esterification of Sorbitol with oleic acid.

Appearance: Cream flakes

Appearance: Amber Viscous Oily Clear Liquid

Acid Value: Max. 8 mgKOH/g

Viscosity: 800 – 1200 cps

Saponification Value: 145-160 mgKOH/g

Hydroxyl Value: 193-210 mgKOH/g

Moisture Content: Max. 2%

HLB Value: 4.8

Oleic Acid Content: Min. 70%

Arsenic: Less than 3mg/kg
Lead: Less than 1mg/kg
Mercury: Less than 1mg/kg
Cadmium: Less than 1mg/kg
Heavy Metals: Max. 10mg/kg

Used in emulsion explosives, pigments, wetting agent for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others.

Store in a cool and dry place 25⁰ C -30⁰ C. Best Before 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

200 kg HDPE Drums