SOL SSL (E-481)

Sodium Stearoyl 2 –Lactylate is a mixture of sodium salts of stearoyl lactylic acids formed by esterification.

Color: White to off white

State: Free Flowing Powder

Acid Value: 70-90 mgKoh/g

Melting Point: 47-53 ° C

Ester Value: 150-190

Saponification Value: 190 – 230 mgKOH/g

Sodium Content: 3.5-5.0%

Moisture Content: Max. 1%

Lactic Acid Content: 30-33%

Arsenic: Less than 3mg/kg
Lead: Less than 1mg/kg
Mercury: Less than 1mg/kg
Cadmium: Less than 1mg/kg
Heavy Metals: Max. 10mg/kg

Used in Baked goods as a dough conditioner, shelf life extension, uniformity, volume, mouth feel and others benefits.

Used in Biscuits for crispiness, fat reduction and better controlled spread.

Used in Deserts for Improved aeration and stability

Used in Cosmetics

Used in Nondairy creamers

Store in a cool and dry place 20⁰ C . Best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

20 kg Corrugated Box